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The Popularity of Exotic Interludes continues to grow. Enjoyed across the nation by couples, friends, and swingers alike, America's #1 adult board game has received accolades and endorsements by numerous adult film stars!


Developed in 2007, Exotic Interludes combines the fun of a classic board game with a naughty twist for players 18 and above! With an open mind, an open heart, and the contents of this box, we invite you to take part in a magical experience with your closest friends and lovers.

You will find the gameplay to follow the standards of classic games you remember, with a deliberately silly and campy twist. And yet, after a couple of turns around the board, not only will you be likely to shed a few articles of clothing, but also your inhibitions. Each turn leads you to questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and to fantasies that you’ve always wanted to explore!


For most adult party games available, a toss of the dice and pure luck will determine the outcome of the game. These types of sex party games may have an appeal because there is no skill involved other than throwing the dice to determine the players ultimate success or failure in the game.

The disadvantage of these types of XXX games is that adult topics, innuendo, and risqué behavior have been almost totally ignored, defeating the purpose of an adult game. That's why we put the focus in Exotic Interludes back on your fantasies and risqué interaction with other players for the maximum enjoyment of all parties involved!


Exotic Interludes makes it possible for 2 -8 players to explore fun of sexual topics and encourages individual imagination to enhance each playing experience.

Uncle Don’s Exotic Interludes™ takes players on an exotic journey to fantasyland. Each player is encouraged to use his or her imagination to enhance their playing experience. Option cards allow the game to be played at various levels from risqué to downright sinful, allowing players to customize the experience to their needs and enhancing re-playability.

This is a game for close friends, lovers and all those curious to experiment.

  • This game, which has been tested and approved by porn stars like Nina Hartley and Lexi Love, is designed to foster "an exotic journey to Fantasyland." Certainly, if your ideal Valentine's Day ends with an orgy, this may be the gift that keeps on giving. One lingering question may remain after the game: Who the hell is Uncle Don?
    The Huffington Post
  • OMG! This game is so much fun!!! I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. We had some friends over and wanted to spice thing up a bit, so we decided to give Exotic Interludes a try. The game was exactly what we needed. Everyone had a great time & left satisfied!
    Jennifer - Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Thank you Don! We were looking forward to playing this with another couple we know. The game is genius because we want to explore a little soft swap and this is the ultimate ice breaker if you ask me. I am definitely going to set out some props to stimulate our imaginations. Thinking the Hitachi magic wand could be of use because it works through panties.
    John - Upstate New York
  • We bought this game because of the great reviews. We are not disappointed! We have played this game several times with another couple and each time has been an absolute riot. We strongly recommend this game.
    Tim & Cheryl - Boise, Idaho


Thousands of players have already discovered the magic of Exotic Interludes.

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